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We specialise within five key industries: Accounting, Financial Services, Legal, Professional Services & Education


As the Government works towards Making Tax Digital, it’s vital that your business moves to become cloud based, if it isn’t already.

The benefits are numerous; it’s safer, secure, and will save you time and money. And it’s easier for your clients to keep on top of their finances. Making your job a lot easier.

We understand all too well the challenges accountants face every day.


The financial services sector is facing one of the biggest risks it has had to deal with in its history – the threat of cyber attacks. As these become more numerous and more sophisticated, providers need to stay one step ahead, and ensure they are protecting their clients’ data as securely as possible.

Coupled with ever increasing regulatory demands, it’s important for anyone who works within the financial services industry to operate in a transparent, safe and secure manner.

Moving your IT systems to the cloud will ensure that you are operating in the most efficient way possible with optimum security, so you can rest assured that you can continue operating without threat from cyber criminals and regulatory bodies.


The legal environment is ever changing, and firms have to adapt to stay ahead of the competition. With regulatory changes, data protection changes and an increasing threat from cyber attacks, there are more pressures on law firms to ensure their systems are compliant and secure.

Those working in the legal industry typically handle a lot of sensitive data, and large sums of money from house sales, wills, etc. and so it’s imperative to protect that information from potential cyber attacks. Criminals are becoming more sophisticated and attacks more frequent, and you could pay the penalty for not protecting your clients’ data properly.

A cloud based solution is the answer to managing your legal business. It reduces admin time, promotes flexible working and gives you peace of mind that your systems are properly protected, leaving you to focus on your clients and building the business.

Professional Services 

Working in professional services, your focus has to be on your clients and the service that you are providing.  But with a whole host of wider issues to contend with such as regulation and competition, it can make your working environment even more challenging.

However, moving towards a cloud based system can take a large number of these factors out of the equation


The use of cloud computing is being adopted across the business sector, but take-up from the education sector has been somewhat slow. However, adopting this IT system could revolutionise the way that you and your staff work, taking away unnecessary admin time, saving vital money on bulky IT servers, allowing resources to be channelled into where they are really needed, and allowing money to be spent on equipment and more time to be spent teaching children.

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Access from Anywhere

your remote desktop can be used from any device on any connection

Flexible and Scalable

the solution can grow with your business, no need to pay for unused resources

Increased Productivity

access all your applications and files from anywhere

Expert Support

we’re here if you need us, from initial advice through on on-going assistance

Increased Data Security

wherever you’re working from, your data is secure

Reduced Costs

our simple, transparent pricing means you only pay for what you need

Business Continuity

we handle backups for you, meaning you can keep working, whatever happens

Future Proofing

no need to worry about hardware and software updates, we handle it all