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Why your business needs an IT consultant

Why your business needs an IT consultant

19th April 2018

An IT consultant probably isn’t high on the list of priorities for your business. But it should be.

Your IT systems and data are probably one of the most valuable assets your business has, regardless of the size you are. Therefore, they need looking after properly.

If you’re the victim of a theft, flooding disaster or security breach, then the consequences could spell the end of your business. And it’s more common than you think.

But time and again, we see people neglecting this aspect of their business. But here’s the thing, it doesn’t need to be something that costs the earth. Many people who come to us asking for help are surprised by the options that are available and kick themselves that they haven’t sought help before.

You see it’s not just about expensive investment, both in infrastructure but also skills. You don’t need an IT person on site, employed by you. One of the benefits of moving towards the cloud means that there is increased flexibility. Therefore, so are your options.

For example, you can have all the benefits of an experienced IT consultant without them having to be part of your company. We offer a service whereby we act as your outsourced consultant, so you only call on us when you need.

We can work remotely in the background, doing all the things that you expect an IT person to do, maintenance, upgrading, protecting, etc.

But we’re also just more than that. Making your IT work for you means that you can grow quicker and not be limited in what you can achieve. We act as advisers for businesses, so whilst we may also ensure that the server is backed up overnight, we also become integrated within the team, advising on growth strategy, and working out the best option for you to put into place to operate as efficiently as possible.

So, for example, this may be moving your company to flexible working. This can save you overheads, allowing you to free up funds to invest in the development of your company. We can help advise on money savings, practicalities and demonstrate how it would work before you need to decide whether this is the option for you.

We look at systems and processes, whether your operations are being held back by outdated technology, and we can calculate what system would be right for you, and what that would mean in terms of investment and cost saving.

So we’re more than just IT geeks, we’re business strategists and advisers, and we can act within your business purely in this role if that’s what you want. The thing is, if you get in touch with us, we can have a chat, and work out what you need and want, and we’ll adapt to how we work with you as you require.

No need to pay us for things you don’t need us for, or want us for, simply use our expertise, whether that’s keeping your data safe, or needing to expand the business.

The thing is that you shouldn’t ignore the IT consultant, they probably are the best resource you can have at your fingertips for smoother operation or growth of your business.

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