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How Businesses Will Use the Cloud in 2017

How Businesses Will Use the Cloud in 2017

29th September 2016

Think the cloud is just a modern-day fad? Think again.

If your small to medium sized business isn't already running its operations from the cloud - then the chances are it will be soon. In fact, by 2017, it's predicted that all business workloads will be processed using cloud data centers, according to information gathered by the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

The Predictions for Cloud Computing in 2017

According to studies all the way from 2014, around 49% of users and vendors were using the cloud for product development and revenue generating activities, while 35% of vendors and users were using the cloud to gain an advantage over competing companies. In the coming years, the number of companies that choose to embrace the cloud computing lifestyle in business is likely to grow significantly, because more studies are showing that cloud platform services allow organizations to lower their capital expenditures, improve accessibility in the workplace, and enhance productivity.

Thanks to the various benefits that cloud computing offers to modern businesses, the average numbers for growth suggest that by 2017, around 2/3 of all the workloads processed by businesses across the globe will be completed using cloud data centers.

Why Is Cloud Computing Growing?

While there are still plenty of organizations out there that have shown some concern and anxiety about the concept of moving into the cloud, thanks to the media storms surrounding data breaches that have poured through the news in the past, it's worth noting that the concept of cloud computing is constantly growing.

Security issues and networking problems that existed a couple of years ago have now been addressed, and many companies that offer cloud hosting services do so with the highest quality of security features pre-installed, for maximum peace of mind. Not only that, but the cloud computing network provides simplicity and scalability for many businesses, allowing companies to grow and enhance their resources according to their needs.

Future Proofing with Cloud Computing

So how will cloud computing continue to be relevant in the future? Simple: It's completely versatile. With cloud computing services, you don't have to worry about upgrading your software and hardware to stay ahead of the competition, or keep up to date with new development - your hosting company does that for you.

Whatever comes your way in the future, cloud computing means that you're prepared and ready to evolve with the digital world.

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