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VoIP Telephony

Improve your business communications and reduce costs with cloud based solutions

Communication is key in every business. You need to talk to clients, interact with staff, place orders and be accessible to your customers during business hours. And despite the growth in email and instant messaging, telephones are still the best way to keep your company connected and offer a personal service.

But these days you do not have to rely on your old landline phones. As the market becomes more and more globalised, keeping up with the competition requires progressive communication technology.

Many businesses are switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – this allows users to make calls over broadband Internet rather than using land lines which not only is far more flexible, but you can also keep your costs down.

Host My Office can give your business cutting edge communications systems that give you the full advantages of VoIP.

Access from Anywhere

your remote desktop can be used from any device on any connection

Increased Data Security

wherever you’re working from, your data is secure

Future Proofing

no need to worry about hardware and software updates, we handle it all