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Data Backup & File Sharing

Protect your business against disaster easily and securely with automatic online backup 

Data loss can be disastrous for companies.  Whether it is from a security breach or a careless mistake, the impact can be huge and can result in a loss of revenue and customers, irreversible damage to the company reputation and, following the introduction of GDPR, large regulatory fines.

You may undertake some form of local backup via the storage of data onto a tape drive or external hard drive but this method is vulnerable to forgetfulness and temperamental hardware, is often insecure and can be irreparably damaged by fire or freak weather occurrences.

Using our online backup service can overcome these limitations. Host My Office online backup provides an affordable, reliable and secure way of securing your business's data.

Access from Anywhere

your remote desktop can be used from any device on any connection

Increased Data Security

wherever you’re working from, your data is secure

Future Proofing

no need to worry about hardware and software updates, we handle it all