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The 6 Biggest Benefits of Hosted Exchange Servers

The 6 Biggest Benefits of Hosted Exchange Servers

18th May 2016

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine running a business without access to email. As the fundamental source of business communication, email and the servers that are employed to host it are both intrinsic to the effective running of a wide range of organisations.

If you have not yet switched to hosted exchange servers as a means of ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of your internal and external communications you might be interested in the range of benefits that hosted exchange offers.

Here are some of the distinct advantages that hosted exchange servers can bring to small and medium sized businesses:

1.    Exchange Servers are Inexpensive

In comparison to implementing a local exchange server, a hosted exchange server is far more cost-effective. This is understandable when you consider that there is no hardware to buy or upgrade and all of your business’s needs, including data and managed support, will be factored into your low-price monthly package.

2.    Predictable Budget

If you engage the correct company, your hosted exchange program should never hit you with any surprise charges, providing you with the reassurance that you can budget accurately from month to month. Any upgrade to the physical hardware supporting your server will also be carried out at the backend - which means you will not need to worry about it.

3.    Multiple Functions

Frequently, using a hosted exchange server will enable you to access far more than just email services. Many solutions come equipped with calendaring services, contacts and task organisation, all of which can be easily identified, located and accessed.

4.    Wireless Synchronisation

A hosted exchange server enables businesses to synchronise their data with all major mobile devices across the organisation. In other words, email, calendars, and contacts can be accessed from any location with a device that can connect to the internet.

5.    Scalability

Many hosted exchange servers allow for hardware load balancing, providing the opportunity to add and remove servers as and when they are needed. In this way you can ensure that you maintain sufficient space for your important data throughout every stage of your business evolution.

6.    Security

Finally and most importantly, all of your information remains secure when stored in hosted exchange servers. Not only will your provider constantly monitor the servers that are storing your data, you will also be protected by the cloud. Thus, your vital email communications will remain protected no matter what happens in the real world - from simple power outages to natural disasters!

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