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How the Cloud Can Protect Your Data

How the Cloud Can Protect Your Data

19th September 2016

There's plenty of news reports out there that underline the times when security fails on the internet - leaving companies exposed to malicious individuals with the intent to steal and use their data. However, few articles address the ways in which cloud technology can help you to fight back against these breaches, protecting data throughout your organization with a comprehensive approach to digital security.

By providing flexible and scalable network solutions to businesses, the cloud represents a tremendous number of great growth opportunities - but it also comes with a range of challenges too. As your web presence grows, you need to learn new ways to protect yourself against potential attacks, and discover how to defend your data.

As long as you're willing to invest in the right cloud security, you should have the resources you need to keep your website, and company details safe, while ensuring simple accessibility for the people in your company and managerial positions.

What is Cloud Security?

Before you can fully appreciate cloud security, you may need a better understanding of what it is, and what it can do. Cloud security, when done properly, is the solution to the concerns surrounding data accessibility in the current online environment.

Cloud security provides multiple levels for control within the infrastructure of an existing network, in order to offer continuity and protection for assets based within the cloud, such as web applications and websites. Whether you work within a private or public cloud system, you'll need to think of ways to balance high availability on your network, with DDoS protection, data security, and more.

How Cloud Security Protects your Data

Cloud security measures, such as spam filtering, hosted virtual desktops that are equipped with careful protection technology, and more, ensure that whenever you're transferring data between people within your company, you're doing it with the peace of mind that no-one can read your information but you.

Secure cloud computing companies provide encryptions designed to protect your data as it travels through the cloud - meaning that even if someone was to get their hands on something from your company - they would not have the means to read your files, or use them for any malicious reasons.

Whenever you're considering switching to a new hosting service, or using the cloud for any aspect of business, it's always important to check out the security options that the company are willing to provide. After all, your data is priceless.


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